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White Gold

White gold in any carat is an alloy of pure (yellow) gold and other metals to give a white colour. 9, 14 and 18ct yellow gold also contains alloys, but these differ as there is no requirement to change the colour of the metal. Rhodium, a bright white metal is plated to the surface of almost all white gold jewellery to enhance the colour and finish. In time Rhodium plating may wear off, which is a normal occurrence when rhodium-plated jewellery is worn. You can have the shine and brightness of your white gold jewellery brought back to its original beauty by having the rhodium re-plated. 

Re-plating is an easy option. Rhodium plating not only enhances the lustre of white gold, but also makes the diamonds and precious stones appear brighter. Rhodium plating, when carried out by experienced jewellers will enhance the life and durability of your white gold jewellery.

How Often Do You Need Rhodium Plating or Dipping?

This depends on how the piece is worn, the more wear and tear the piece undergoes the quicker it may wear. Excessive sweating and chlorine exposure can affect the life of rhodium. When it comes to the type of jewellery, the plating on earrings and pendants tends to wear off slower compared to rings and wedding bands because rings are more in contact with your body and other surfaces that you touch. 

If you prefer not to have white gold, many pieces Personal Jewellery Service manufacture can be made in platinum, which does not require rhodium plating as it is a naturally white metal. 

At Personal Jewellery Service we want our customers to be completely satisfied. We will therefore re-rhodium any piece of jewellery we supply free of charge for a period of 18 months. After 18 months this will be a chargeable service. 

Your statutory legal rights are not affected by this offer